Premium Window & Doors in London, Ontario


Custom Window Installation

Installing premium windows and doors is our specialty. All windows are custom made, hand crafted. We use premium products and provide exceptional service. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and our unique ability to create the perfect fit for your home.  


These are best for easy cleaning because of their inward tilt. Double hung windows vent from the top as well as the bottom. This allows for efficient escape of the hot air, which always sits at the top of the room. Importantly, this means a cooler home in the summer.

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Similar to the double hung windows, thought the single hung opens only from the bottom. This is one of the easiest windows to use. They’re easy to clean, very durable and maintenance free. The single hung provides clear viewing due to the single screen across the length of the window. They also offer a more affordable alternative to the double hung.


Bay windows maximize the amount of light you can get in through your window. The three windows combine for an aesthetically pleasing structure with one large centre window, which provides an appealing view to the outside.

Bay Windows - Banman.jpg


Create a cosy reading nook or a gorgeous greenhouse effect with bow windows. Similar to the bay windows, this option is creating when more than three individual windows come together into a bow shape to create a vibrant, sunny addition to any home.

Bow Windows - London Ontario.png


When perfect viewing is your priority, choose the picture window.

picture-windows - London Ontario.jpg


Vinyl awning windows are the perfect choice for above a sink allowing for clear, unobstructed views. They provide easy ventilation and light even during rainy conditions. This makes them an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms, which often require more air flow due to humidity. A simple top hinge allows for easy opening with a quick handle turn.

Awning Windows - London Ontario.jpg


Casement windows benefit from maximum airflow. With no centre rails, nothing obstructs your viewing at eye level. Not only does this offer extremely clear visibility, but makes cleaning a breeze.

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Sliders are a simple, economical option where your opening is wider than it is tall. Fewer moving pieces make maintenance a dream and more glass paired with less frame give you picture perfect views.

Sliding Windows - London Ontario


The sky is the limit. If you can dream it, we can create it. These shapes are unique to each home. Whether you’re after a contemporary feel with angular shapes or colonial look where round windows are . We work with you to bring your vision to life.

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Custom Door Installation

Doors are the focal point of your home. Not only is it the first feature that visitors notice but it sets the tone for the look, feel and aesthetic of your home.

The choice of your door gives you the ability to play with the character of the house just by changing the style, colour or hardware. This makes the door a uniquely versatile, decorating tool.

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If you’re looking for an easy way to give your home a facelift, vary the colour, panel style, or the surrounding windows to change the character of the house. Even better - the right hardware can transform the look and feel of any home.

Doors and frames can be made from fibre glass or steel. We offer stained wood grained or painted texture. Importantly, a large proportion of your home’s heat loss comes from the door. A properly installed door will keep out the elements, leaving you with a cosy home and affordable heating and cooling bills.